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Beauty Tips For New Year’s Eve Parties

Beauty Tips For New Year’s Eve Parties

Despite the fast pace of the holidays, it is possible to look wonderful by making some adjustments to your beauty routine.

The holiday season can be a busy season for all of us. We have to decorate Christmas trees, write cards, bake cookies and go shopping to the malls. We tire only when we think about everything we have to do. But the most fun is to attend parties, especially the New Year party. You already have the perfect dress. You already have the perfect shoes. But with the hectic schedule you do not have time to prepare, then how can you look fabulous?

Do not worry. Here are some beauty tips for you to survive the holiday season without stress:

Kiss-proof lipstick New year’s parties involve lots of kissing. We give kisses to greet and we kiss low on mistletoe. The last thing we need is to spend all night reapplying our favorite lipstick. Remember, for every member of the family you kiss on the cheek, more than sure you are giving them a little bit of your lipstick to take home. Then, keep your lipstick intact, avoid bright colors and use matte colors. First apply a layer of your lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. Then apply your favorite matte color of lipstick. Your lips will be ready to share kisses and you will not have to worry about leaving your mark on the cheek of all people.

Nail care during the holidays

Our hands definitely take the biggest blow during the holiday season. Wrapping presents, baking or playing in the snow is not the best activity for our hands during the holidays. But, who has time for a manicure this season of the year? If you spoil the color of the nail and ruin the perfect color, do not worry. This is the season that bright colors are fashionable. Instead of re-painting all the nails, apply a little glaze with enamel on the tip of the nails. The shines will look fabulous and will hide where you first damaged your nail.

Say goodbye to uncontrolled hair

Among the weather, dry air, heat and your favorite winter scarf or hat, your hair has no choice. Uncontrolled hair is normal this season of the year. It is not a big problem if you are at home wrapping presents, but it is a very big problem if you are at the end of the year party at the office where your husband works. Take with you hair spray in a travel bottle on all sides so you can control those little hair that drives you crazy. Gently comb those hair to look radiant. If you have an extra toothbrush, place spray on the toothbrush and comb those miniature hairs. Your hair will stay radiant all night and it will not look like you have a spray helmet on your head.

Accidents with mascara

Long, bulging lashes can be the key to how you look during the holiday season. But when you’re in trouble, The last thing you need is to have an accident with mascara. Always use an eyelash curler to give the eyelashes a little push. When applying mascara, be careful and make sure you do not cause a mess. There is nothing worse than a disastrous mascara. You can try by placing a spoon on the eyelid, so if you have an accident, the mascara will end up in the spoon, not the eyelid.

Shape hair

effortlessly Do not have time to go to the beauty salon but you need to look great? Make yourself a loose-haired tail, an elegant braid or a small bow and use a shiny piece of hair to add elegance. Secure your hair with some sticky hairpins, (just spray hair spray and let them dry before applying) and you’re ready to receive the new year. A simple hair style can look very elegant just adding something shiny.

That is all. Follow these steps during the holiday season and you will look fabulous celebrating with friends and family.

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