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Choosing The Perfect Diet

Choosing The Perfect Diet

The best diet is the one that works with your lifestyle, your budget, your food preferences and how much effort you are willing to invest.

One of the most entertaining aspects of my job is that when I meet new clients who are losing weight, I never know where the conversation will end. I usually start with a bit of history. I want to know how much has been the maximum and minimum they have weighed, what motivates them to eat better and get fit, and also what has worked and what has not worked for them in the past when it comes to losing weight.

From that moment, I can begin to decipher how much effort each client is willing to invest and what their expectations are. Then we put together a diet plan that works for them. But I can not just tell someone what to do, I need to help them figure out how to do it. We work together to discover the best diet for them.


Does the same method work for everyone?

When it comes to losing weight, one method does not work for everyone. All people are different, and I have to take into consideration the foods that some people like and those that they do not like. I also need to know about their day, whether they like to cook or not, whether the cost of food is a problem, what time they exercise, how often they eat away from home (and where). There are many factors that I have to take into consideration before giving advice to a person.

Should you assume all the indications of a single?

Then I have to consider what my clients want, or think they want. Many people like a strict approach, and usually decide to tackle everything with a single shot. I have had clients who have decided, simultaneously, to lose weight, to start exercising and to stop smoking. It’s pretty much what they have to deal with, but it can work. It may be the idea of ​​starting from scratch and having a new beginning, something like “today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Many times when working on a single goal, you can reinforce other changes you’re trying to make, such as “If I’m trying to lose weight it does not make sense to continue to smoke.”

When focusing on everything one does not work is because the process becomes overwhelming. When there are many changes and too many adjustments to make, many people simply give up and do not get anything.

Or, are you one of the people who want to take the changes more slowly?

On the other hand, there are those that have a more conservative approach. They want to touch the water before they get completely wet. They can make some changes, set the changes completely, make them part of their routine and then make other changes. Over time they manage to accumulate a large list of changes in their diet and lifestyle. Since they take the time to get used to the change, they are usually in a good position to continue.


Deciphering what works for you will help you develop a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The point is this: There are many paths that lead you to the same destination. Some are short and direct, others longer. Neither is necessarily better than the other.

In the same way that I do with my clients, you have to think about what you can conquer. If you hate cooking or do not have time, it does not make sense to adopt a diet that you need to cook every meal at home. If you do not remember the last time you ate fruits or vegetables, does it make sense to think that you are going to eat seven servings of fruits or vegetables a day? Maybe not.

But remember the following: the way you choose to eat, the amount of activity you do, the lifestyle you adopt, are yours, and you are the owner of them. You also have to accept the results you get as a product of your decisions. But that does not mean that if you go slowly, But at a steady pace, you can not win. Because the best diet is not the one that your friend makes, it is the one that works for you.


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