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Five Tips To Lose Weight

Five Tips To Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight there are aspects that should be considered in order to achieve goals in a healthy way. It is very common to take the initiative on its own, without having knowledge or information regarding how to make an effective diet and failure just because of ignorance.

It is not advisable to do so, since you will not only lose time, but you may also happen to go hungry in vain and what would be worse to leave your body devoid of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

That is why, among other information that we offer in this entry, we will also give you some very important weight loss tips for you to start your regime with good footing.

Here are 5 diet tips from Fitness salad:

Reduces carbohydrate intake

It is normal that after eating foods rich in sugars you feel energetic as they raise the serotonin, but at 20 minutes it lowers, making you feel lacking energy; Among the tips to lose weight, this is essential to comply. Carbohydrates are full of empty calories, that is, they do not feed. Do not forget to include in your diet abundant amount of fruits and vegetables, especially raw.

These will bring you everything you need while you are ingesting very few calories.

What carbohydrates to eat

Do not give up food like bread, pasta and rice but always be whole as they have more vitamins, minerals and fiber, which will positively result in the digestion. Healthy carbohydrates like toast and oatmeal are ideal for incorporating into your breakfast.


Eat more protein

As long as they are lean (low in fat) they are foods that provide energy, really feed and also help tone muscles, eat more eggs, meat, poultry, fish and skim milk.


Drink water

This is a slimming tip that will seem repetitive; But it is a classic that can not miss and is very well remembered, because it aims to help you eliminate toxins accumulated in the body; If you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, you will stay well hydrated, feel satiated and contribute to your body being cleaned naturally.


And this last one of the tips to lose weight has to do with how much physical activity you realize each day. If you do not move your metabolism slows down, you burn less calories and do not lose weight. That’s why you need to do sports, physical activity, go to the gym or at least walk for a minimum of 40 minutes each day.


Tips for fast weight loss

There are many ways to do this, but once again we will cite an example offering you tips for fast and healthy weight loss.

One that does not fail is to cut calorie intake, by which I mean that if you usually consume from 1500 to 2000 calories, then you will have to reduce 300 calories to the total of your daily intake. For example instead of 1500, you should consume 1200 calories. Of course it will be necessary to accompany with exercises to lose weight  to complement the calorie intake.


Point out these tricks we offer as part of the tips for fast weight loss .

Forget about alcohol, do not feed and have many calories

Reduce regular rations and combine them with low-calorie foods to keep you satisfied, for example:

Instead of eating a pasta dish, eat ½ whole-grain pasta and another ½ with salad

If for breakfast you ate two toast with butter and jam, now eat two whole toasts with jam only.

Start all your meals with a large plate of raw salad or vegetable broth, so you will feel more satiety when eating the second.

Do not spend more than 4 hours without eating; If you do you will feel hungry and that is when you run the risk of eating foods that will play against when it comes to losing weight. Eat 4-hour low-calorie foods such as low fat yogurt, a fruit, a piece of lean cheese … This is a key point in quick weight loss tips because it helps you control your cravings at once.


Tips for slimming in a week

And among the tips to lose weight in a week  I have to tell you that the first place is ingested water; Replace all your drinks with water. If you find it too boring, choose to add lemon slices, cucumber or fresh mint leaves to give it a touch of flavor. It is a great way to reduce calories to consume.

Doing cardio 30 minutes a day is essential, activating your body, sweating and burning around 300 calories! According to experts it is most effective if you combine intensity time with moderate intervals.


Drink coffee

Yes! You read well, but be careful, permission is only to drink a cup of coffee an hour before exercise, it should be sugar free and with a dash of skim milk if you wish. The reason is simple, coffee speeds up your metabolism so in that half hour of cardio you burn more calories.

Sleep 8 hours each day, if you sleep less and feel tired, the body tends to ask for sugary foods, junk food, soft drinks and other things that are not convenient to eat, if you want to lose weight.

If you suffer from stress better relax

Even though it seems strange to you, it must be present among the weight loss tips in a week,  because if you are stressed the body produces more cortisol, a hormone related to weight gain. If this hormone activates there is no diet that is worth, so in the event that you are going through a time of stress try to do yoga, swimming, meditation or some discipline that will help you relax.


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