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Let’s Avoid These Mistakes By Washing Our Faces

Let’s Avoid These Mistakes By Washing Our Faces

Are you using the right products and the right method to wash your face? Here are some ways you can improve your regime when cleaning your face.

When it comes to cleansing the skin, you need to avoid mistakes that can do more harm than good. It may be hard to believe, but improper cleaning can dry out the skin, create oily skin, irritations and even acne. These are some common mistakes we make when washing your face, and some simple solutions you can do to make a difference in the skin.

Five mistakes when washing your face

Use the wrong cleaner

The skin of the face is delicate, so you should avoid products that are too strong or full of detergents and perfumes. Keep a bar of soap only for the body and look for a facial cleanser that is specific to your skin type. There are cleansers for oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin or any skin you have. The correct cleanser will help remove oil, dirt and impurities from the skin without compromising the natural barriers on the skin. It will not remove the natural oils leaving the skin irritated, dry or tense after each cleaning.

Use cleansers that contain ingredients that irritate the skin

It is very important to read the labels of products to know not only what contains your cleanser, but also to know what does not. Avoid products with known ingredients that irritate the skin, such as sulfates and parabens. Sulfates can cause the skin to dry out, become red and irritate. In fact, many people are allergic to sulfates and do not know it. Look for ingredients that soften and moisturize skin such as aloe, or antioxidant vitamins.

You use very cold or very hot water to wash your face

The best temperature for the skin is the warm. Extreme temperatures can create unwanted effects on the skin, including hair damage. Hot water can alter the moisture of the skin, by disposing of the oils that protect the skin. When this occurs, the skin can dry out, or it can cause the opposite effect and accelerate the production of sebum, creating oily skin.

Incorrect rinse.

When you do not rinse thoroughly cleaned, it can build up on the surface of the skin. This buildup clogs the pores, which causes irritation or acne. The skin may feel dry, irritated and tense. So make sure you have enough time to rinse your skin and get a good result.

You do not use a moisturizer.

Sera and moisturizers have to be used immediately after cleansing and toning the skin. A tonic helps restore balance to the skin, while the serums and moisturizers help hydrate the skin to look and feel healthy. Apply the products when the skin is wet. If you wait a lot and the skin dries, it may be more difficult to absorb the moisturizing products. When this happens, you can see that the skin feels a bit greasy and even sticky when you touch it.

Additional Tips

  • When applying a facial cleanser to the skin, massage the skin with a circular and gentle massage. This will help remove dirt and help stimulate circulation.
  • When you dry your skin with a towel, use pat and do not rub the towel. You do not want to stretch or pull the skin, as this can cause damage and can look red and irritated.
  • Always use a clean towel. Never use the towel that the whole family uses to dry their hands. Germs and bacteria on the skin can wreak havoc with the skin.
  • When you bathe, wash your face at the end. If you wait until the end, you’ll be sure to have removed the shampoo and conditioner that may have fallen into the skin. Let’s start to look healthier and younger!

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