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Are you looking to burn calories? Discover The Most Effective way!

Are you looking to burn calories? Discover The Most Effective way!

Multiple ways to burn calories

There are numerous ways to burn extra calories to lose weight faster, what happens is that most of the time we focus only on two “Reduce the calories to consume” or “Add more gym hours”. Both are valid but not the only ones, so be prepared to know other ways to achieve your goal.

Did you know that when we alter our daily routine by incorporating new things, new neural circuits are activated? This is great because it is like misleading the system and re-activating it, which triggers a series of reactions among which is favored weight loss as a result of burning more calories. In the same way try to deceive your mind by doing the old things differently,

For example:


  • If you always go running on the same route, from now choose another
  • If you go for a walk, at some point do it backwards
  • If you take a chair to reach objects that are in the top of the cupboard, from today begins to stretch until one day you finally reach them


When you train, do it with as few clothes as possible, especially if you do cardio. The reason is that when the body is cold demands more energy to get into heat and as a result you get to burn more calories. The same will happen if you dress in the right clothes or even a little less than you need to wear on cold days.

From today get up 10 minutes early

It is not too much to ask, however I assure you that after a while your body will notice it considerably and also your clothes !, the idea is that you get up directly to perform 3 exercises to warm up; This way you have activated your body and the blood circulation after eight hours of rest. Then eat breakfast in a healthy and nutritious way, preferably with proteins and foods free of industrial sugars.

If you always go up the stairs …

If you are one of those people who do without the elevator to take the stairs in order to burn some extra calories, better change! The idea is to add more effort because if you have been doing it for a long time it is likely that your body is already accustomed, so go up the stairs but do it to two steps.

If you watch TV eating or snacking ...

This is a good time to change this habit; Replaces unhealthy snacks by exercise. When it comes to advertising, take advantage of those minutes to exercise or better do it during the time you spend in front of the television. In this way exercise will be more entertaining and you will forget the junk food.

Reminder to burn more calories


  • Sour fruits are your allies, consume them fresh or in juice each day before breakfast
  • Raw vegetables and foods; Always the best because once cooked lose many minerals and vitamins
  • Apples, carrots and beets have a satiating effect and are very rich in vitamins so you can make a juice by changing them to three each day or eat them separately


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