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How To Lose Weight As A Kid

How To Lose Weight As A Kid

Losing weight as a child can be difficult. Very few diets are created for children and diet programs for adults are often unhealthy for children as they are targeting more mature metabolisms. However, there are many ways for young children to lose weight and become healthier and happier. Just make sure it is good for you and that you could try some adult things like going to gym class or dance.

Part 1

1.How to Set Your Objective

Ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Is it to be more active during recess or to fit into the most fashionable clothes? Knowing what your motivation is to lose weight will give you a better chance of achieving your weight loss goals.


2.Please make a chart.

If you eat healthy foods, give yourself a star. If you eat unhealthy foods, date an x. It will have a reward that is attributed to it. For example, the amount of money you get as a subsidy depends on the number of stars you have. Set a goal to achieve, like a certain number of stars, for example, and if they do, do something fun like bowling or the park!


3 Set a deadline to lose a certain number of pounds.

Which is reasonable (1-2 pounds per week is a healthy rate). Remember you are probably growing at the same time, so if you only lose five pounds, but grow three inches, you have made great progress!


Part 2 Developing Healthy Eating Habits

1 Make  sure you eat a healthy breakfast.


Breakfast helps regulate the need for food throughout the day and gives you much needed first that energy of the morning. If you skip breakfast, this can increase your chances of eating more than you should throughout the day.


2 See everything in moderation.

Trying to lose weight does not mean that you will never be able to have sweets or desserts again. Have occasional smaller portions of things you like to eat.


3 Replace junk food with healthy snacks.

If you want to snack between meals, try to choose healthy, low calorie,

Like fruit or yogurt


4 Schedule meals in a daily meal and snacks

Schedule ahead of time ..; This can help to avoid the urge to eat. Write down everything you eat as this will let you know exactly what causes weight gain and gives you the opportunity to review where healthy changes can be made.


5 .Count your calories.

You may be surprised at how little things, like a can of soda with lunch, add up. Talk to your doctor or PE teacher to find out how many calories a day you should be eating.


6 Avoid eating something before going to bed.

Your body burns calories slower in the afternoon to try to stop eating a few hours before bedtime.


Part 3 Consuming healthy drinks

1.Drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated weight loss speeds and decreasing appetite. Try not to drink juices, cola drinks and other sugary drinks, which are high in calories. Drink water instead. For a delicious extra taste and smell, add lemon or lemon juice!

2 Be sure to drink plenty of water when exercising or playing for a long period of time.

(Most sports / energy drinks have lots of sugar).

Part 4 Exercising


1.Find a sport that you like and do.

Do you like football / soccer, swimming, basketball, running, running or dancing? You will be amazed at how many pounds you lose and how much more fit it becomes simply by moving more!


Start at your own pace, but try running every other day for at least 20-30


3.Try pushups and abs. Do not want 25 or more push ups and sit-ups every day. This will give you more strength in your arms and help tighten your stomach.


4.Inscribe a gym.

Local gyms have often reduced rates and special classes for children.


5.If you are not motivated to exercise outdoors, have a dance party inside with your family!

Play fun music and dance. Invite friends and have a party!


6.Try to deal with sweat.

Sweat is good for you. Think of sweat as a sign that you are burning calories. If you like to keep clean, Try to absorb a towel in ice water after a workout to clean your forehead and neck.


7.Bring an iPod or MP3 player with you when you exercise.

Time goes by so much faster when you have music!


Part 5 Maintaining Your Well- Being

1.Stay Focused.

Do not let problems or bad days affect your eating habits or exercise plan.

2.Be patient.

Weight loss does not happen overnight. There are some weeks you will lose less weight than others. There are some weeks that you can not lose any weight. This is natural and does not indicate a fault. Stick with your plan and the results will come over time.


3.Try doing something that will stop thinking about food and / or healthy drink or fattening.

4.Get lots of good sleep.

This will ensure that you have plenty of energy to go out and have fun. If you do not get enough sleep, it will be difficult to lose weight. Five-year-old need about 11 or 11½ hours of sleep. This is reduced to 10 or 10 ½ hours for nine years, and up to about 9 ½ hours for teens. [1] |

Some children need more sleep than these recommendations. It can be said that you are not getting enough sleep if you are often tired, or have difficulty waking up.


5.Remind yourself that you are not bored.

When you’re bored you tend to eat since you have nothing else to do so remember that you are not boring.


Part 6 Getting Support


1Have your parents or guardians do their part to help you.

Ask them to hide their appetizers so they do not feel tempted. Ask them to make healthy meals and share them with you at the dinner table.


Consult your family to go for long country / walks together.


2Ask your friends to help and support you.

They can run a mile with you while talking or having a bike race. Just make sure you do the fun stuff!

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