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Lose Weight With The Right Diet

Lose Weight With The Right Diet

weight is not about dieting such that you starve yourself. Dying of hunger or eating less you can not lose weight. Instead if your body does not get the right amount and quality of food, it uses up internally stored energy to compensate for the less food provided and you can thus put on load instead of losing while your muscles are lost and not fats.

Another myth is that if you are losing 1 kcal per day then you might also lose 500 calories in two days, the effect of both being equal. Well, this is absolutely wrong. By doing this you can have muscle loss and loosen flabby skin which would again be a major problem in your appearance. The key to a healthy lifestyle and a good body is having the right diet.

First of all you need to have 3 proper meals during the day, out of which breakfast is the most vital meal for the body. It is said that breakfast like a king, lunch as a queen, and dinner as a pauper! You can start your day with cereals or oatmeal, boiled eggs, fresh and homemade fruit juice, corn flakes, etc.


Your food should be high in protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates that will build up your body muscles. Non-vegetarian food is usually high in protein like eggs, fish, chicken, etc. Avoid red meat in your diet. You should also have a glassful of milk daily accumulate calcium in your body to strengthen your bones and teeth. Rice, potatoes, fruits, wheat, etc contain high carbohydrates. Have green leafy vegetables regularly in your meals.

Avoid junk food like chips, hot dogs, fried items, cakes, sweets, non-alcoholic beverages, etc.

Also avoid eating processed or conserved food matters as they contain portion of fats or sugars. Incorporate the habit of eating salads with each meal. Use oil-free dressing if needed for salads. Also see to it that you eat fruits after a meal. You should eat fruits instead of snacks in case you feel hungry between your meals.

Along with having the above balanced diet, you should also keep in mind that your body needs copious amounts of water to full out the toxins. You should make it a habit to have a glass of water after hour; This will keep your clear and glowing complexion.

There are a number of fat burning medicines available on the market in the form of amino acid or lipotropic capsules. However, none of these medicines would do as well to your body as the following simple daily exercises. The aft that you have on your body is not going to melt off with the above stated tips; Is not just going to add up. To consume excess weight you need to exercise regularly.

It is not easy to follow this diet regime properly especially when you have so many pizzas, pastas, burgers rising; But it is certainly not difficult, all you have to do is tame your body!

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