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Secrets For A Toned Abdomen

Secrets For A Toned Abdomen

Have you ever given up on having a flat stomach? A well-marked laundry abdomen is a wonderful thing, but if you just want to tone it down, here are three secrets that will help you achieve a more toned and flat abdomen quickly.

A flat abdomen is the dream that many have. Articles to get a marked abdomen are wonderful to read (and much better if they manage to have the abdomen marked), but many people want to achieve a toned abdomen just to look good when wearing a pair of pants. I will share some secrets for a toned abdomen, so you can look good in any garment.

After having triplets, I had a hard time toning the trunk. I was willing to decipher a way to achieve the perfect abdomen with my dedication to physical exercise. With great effort I obtained a flat abdomen to later achieve a completely toned abdomen. Here are three secrets that will help you achieve the perfect abdomen.

Tip for a Toned Abdomen # 1: Contract the Muscles

One of the first exercises I started doing daily was simply “contract the muscles”. I mean standing upright, shoulders back and abdomen in. The simple fact of deep breathing activates the muscles of the trunk and helps you to maintain a correct posture. If you stop and try now, you will instantly notice that you feel higher. The shoulders will relax and it will immediately appear that your belly is smaller. I am NOT suggesting that you spend the day walking, contracting the abdominal muscles, But if you do it regularly throughout the day, while you are sitting or standing, you will be strengthening the important muscles of the trunk. Try to do 3 sets of 10 times each, holding the breath for 10 seconds. It is important that you practice contracting your abs while you breathe. It will take practice, but it is not advisable to hold your breath while contracting your muscles.


Tip for a Toned Abdomen # 2: Hydrate

It is very important to stay hydrated during the day, especially if you want to get a flat abdomen. It is very common for women to get a swollen appearance when they are not well hydrated. The human body can retain excess fluids easily, giving it a swollen appearance to the stomach. If you load a full bottle of water during the day,

Tip for a toned abdomen # 3: Lizards

Traditional lizards are one of the best abs to develop a flat abdomen. It also strengthens the trunk and gives you a superior posture. Unlike sit-ups, sit-ups, and leg-lifters, which primarily work with the abdominals (marked vertical muscles) and oblique muscles (on one side of the abdominals), lizards work with different groups time. Lizards work the transverse abdominal muscles that help you keep your abdomen flat. I like all types of lizards. Do not be fooled by simplicity, if you have the right shape, the lizards will really make you struggle.

What is a lizard? During a lizard, You lift the body from the ground and lean on your arms. Think of a lizard as a dumbbell that helps you tone up through your own weight. A basic lizard is also known as a lizard bending. The basic lizard position is easier to maintain than other advanced lizard exercises. The weight is distributed along the palm and shoulders, which adds an extra bonus when exercising the shoulders.

How to make a basic lizard? Take the same position as a chest flexion, make sure the wrists are directly under the shoulders. Your sight has to be set down to keep the neck in a neutral position, and the back has to be flat. Strongly contract the stomach and glutes. The further apart your feet are, the more stable you will be. As you go, try to place your feet at the same distance as your shoulders. Hold the lizard position until you feel that you lose the shape. Try to hold the pose perfectly for 10 seconds, then try to advance to 30 seconds.

Basic lizards versus lizards with elbows: At an advanced level, lizards with elbows will push you to work the center of the body stronger. A lizard with elbows requires that the arms be in a specific position, instead of holding the arms straight, you need to bend them at the level of the elbow. This posture distributes the weight slightly differently than the basic lizard, and will force the center of the body to work harder to maintain a solid lizard. Although the basic lizard is wonderful to start with and to maintain a proper posture, keeping my routine interesting helps me push my boundaries.

How to do a lizard with your elbows? Stand as if you are going to do a basic lizard and lower your forearms. Bend your elbows so you can stay on your forearms, keeping your shoulders and elbows in alignment.

I always advocate that you accept your natural physical form. It is wonderful to have goals, but make sure they are realistic. To want your own body is a quality in all people. A flat abdomen takes time, patience, and a general plan that includes healthy nutrition and a balanced exercise routine. I hope my three secrets to achieve a flat abdomen will help you achieve the toned abdomen of your dreams.

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