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Seven Tips To Cleanse Your Face And Have A Healthier Complexion

Seven Tips To Cleanse Your Face And Have A Healthier Complexion

You know my mantra: Clean, clean, clean! Achieving a beautiful and clean complexion can sometimes be as simple as having a clean face.

Having a clean face is crucial to make the complexion healthy and I must stress the importance of cleaning it. Here are seven tips for having a clean face that will help you achieve a healthy skin in a short time. Not only do we need to wash away the surface grime, but we also need to loosen the dead skin cells.

How to achieve a healthy-looking complexion

  • Wash your face twice a day: every morning and night before bed, whatever you do. Just because the complexion looks clean does not mean it really is. It is most likely covered with invisible impurities that can damage it. Get rid of them.
  • Avoid common soap bars and continue to use facial cleansers that are gentle and designed for your skin type.
  • Never dry your skin with the towel of the family’s hands. If it is not clean, you could transfer bacteria to your clean, fresh face. Do a quick olfactory test. If the towel does not smell clean, like fresh out of the washer, then discard it and use a clean towel.

  • Rinse only with warm water, never with water that is too hot or too cold. Temperature extremes could irritate and damage the skin.
  • Exfoliate at least once a week. Soft exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the face, resulting in smoother, brighter complexion. Just as you would with a cleanser, be sure to find an exfoliate that is right for your skin type.
  • Invest in a face lift from time to time. Just as you would go to the dentist for dental cleaning, your complexion also needs deep cleaning. The frequency of facials depends on your skin type. Collaborate with your beautician to determine how often you need deep cleaning.
  • Be careful when cleaning around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest of the body. Be very careful.

Do you do all these things already? That good! We are all busy and sometimes the simple things are the ones that are beginning to be lacking; But a clean face and a healthy skin will help to give you confidence.

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