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The sun-The Main Enemy Of The Skin

The sun-The Main Enemy Of The Skin

With the hot days we are having , short pants and shirts have come out of the closet to make us feel a little fresher, and one more year, we must take ourselves very seriously sun exposure , especially these first rays that hit On a white skin that has been covered the last months.

I thought it was very interesting to have an opinion piece on this topic that Jaime Pena, Technical Director of R & D of Cell Active and Dr. in Cell Active Pharmacology , has created , so I share it with you to raise awareness of a little more if it is possible to do harm Which results the sun when not taken with caution .

The increase of sun exposure in summer is inevitable , either by taking it on the beach or simply doing any daily activity such as walking on the street, expose the skin to an excess of ultraviolet radiation that penetrates with very harmful effects, Especially when it is in abundance and there is lack of hydration.

Specifically this type of radiation, ultraviolet (UV), is the cause of the known photo-aging , ie premature degeneration of the skin by exposure to the sun. It should not be forgotten that UV radiation in low doses is essential , about 10 or 15 minutes a day around 3 days a week is ideal, as it activates vitamin D in the skin and enhances the assimilation of calcium, which Is especially important in children, the elderly and women, especially during menopause and in cases of bone fractures.

From this arise questions like causes aging the sun? What is the harmful effect it causes on the skin? For so many questions the answers are several. On the one hand, the most visible damage is the appearance of wrinkles that is produced by collagen breakage . This protein, in the form of long fibers, is the most abundant in the animal kingdom and in our body, and is responsible for preserving the integrity of our tissues, that is, keeping them in place as a network. It supports the skin in areas where there are no bones or muscles to hold on to, such as ear lobes, sinuses or neck. The UVB radiation breaks collagen fibers making this loses its ability to support and making the tissues from becoming loose,

On the other hand, excessive exposure to the sun causes dehydration in the skin , which is another great enemy of collagen. If the dermis is properly hydrated, this protein can stretch up to 20 times its own length, but otherwise, it breaks easily by stretching the skin. For this reason, when you get fat, there are scars on the skin, more commonly known as stretch marks.

One of the consequences less visible by UV radiation, but not least, is the damage that occurs in the DNA of cells and free radicals . This results from too long sun exposure, the most intense hours of radiation or lack of protection. The body’s repair capacity is exceeded and certain damages occur. These deterioration are excessive, accumulate with the passage of time and can lead to different types of tumors or melanoma , being the main risk factor for their appearance.

Thus, both from an aesthetic and especially health point of view, it is necessary to be aware of the importance of protection against solar radiation , especially avoiding exposure during the hours of greatest intensity and maintaining a constant hydration during and especially after The sunbathing.

Personally, with regard to sunscreens, I recommend the use of physical sunscreens, rather than chemical ones . The first ones are considered natural and totally safe, as the creams with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, that protect of the radiation when reflecting it, that is to say, acting like mirrors. While chemical protections, on the other hand, protect against solar radiation by absorbing and decomposing it, although there is increasing scientific evidence about its possible activity by altering the hormonal balance. It should be noted that regardless of the protector, it is important to renew its application periodically , even every hour during the noon hours when the rays are of greater intensity.

There is a strong scientific basis on the activity of antioxidant agents and other bio active compounds from natural plant extracts as cell protective agents, DNA and against free radical blockers. Thanks to aloe, wormwood or calendula have even been shown in some cases to reverse the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and contribute to increased parameters of hydration of the skin.

Another element to take into account is hyaluronic acid , which has also demonstrated an important antioxidant action , acts by moisturizing the skin in depth as it retains several thousand times its weight in water and is actively absorbed favoring the assimilation of other active principles To accompany him. Healthy skin is a protected skin.

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