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Three Tips To Help You Include A Workout In Your Day

Three Tips To Help You Include A Workout In Your Day

Here’s how you can stop using excuses to finally include a workout in your day.

When it comes to finding motivation to get up from the couch and improve our fitness, sometimes it takes more than just willpower to make it happen.

‘I’m too busy and I do not have time. ‘

This is the number one excuse I hear for not exercising. It might be hard to believe, but this was also my excuse after having triplets. It was an excuse that really worked because who could not agree? My four small children really consume me a lot of time.

And this excuse that ‘I’m too busy’ sounds much better and less embarrassing than the truth ‘I’m too tired and I have no motivation’.

The reality is that we can all take time to add activity to our lives. All we need to do is realize that excuses will only hurt us in the long run. Sometimes it is only necessary that we have a scare for our health or an embarrassing moment to force us to deal with the problem. But why wait for this to happen before your life improves?

My moment of change happened when I was asked to leave a sauna at the spa after being lectured in front of a crowd about how the heat could harm my unborn baby. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? The real problem is that she was not even pregnant; My babies were five months old. What an embarrassing moment! This was all the motivation I needed to get back on track.

1.Schedule your alarm 30 minutes earlier.

This might seem like an obvious tip, but you really need motivation to not press the alarm repeat button and go back to sleep.

  • My next tip might sound crazy, but it worked for me. During the first few weeks, to sleep wear loose-fitting exercise clothes or put on your workout clothes and the tennis shoes next to your bed. When the alarm starts ringing, put on your socks and sneakers and start.
  • Exercising at home or close to home is the best way to start as it eliminates the excuses of having to register for a gym or having to move to another location. Of course jogging on the beach in the early morning might sound good, but you actually probably need to exercise as soon as possible.
  • As your body gets used to the schedule, add another 10 minutes so you can comb your hair and brush your teeth before you go out.

2.Pack your clothes for exercise and take her to work.


  • If you are not an early riser, then it is time to plan B: the brisk walk at lunchtime. Schedule it as you would with an appointment with the dentist or beauty salon. It’s funny how we would not think about not cutting our hair, however, taking care of our health often overlooked or put aside.
  • Asking a co-worker to accompany you will give you the extra motivation to not miss a session.

3.Divide the workout into small segments.

  • If it is difficult to have 30 minutes, then try to do three or more mini workouts. It is okay to accumulate exercise throughout the day.
  • This advice works well for moms who have small children and stay home, because holding a child for 10 minutes while jumping and making a living for exercise is a realistic goal.
  • If you work in an office and are sitting all day, try taking 10 minutes to stretch or walk around the office. This can improve your energy level and increase your concentration.


Making the activity part of your lifestyle instead of a task makes the results easier to achieve.

Once I decided to get rid of the excuses and left time for my daily exercise, I was able to move quickly to take a spinning class; And being active became something he simply did instead of something he had to think about. Even people began to congratulate me for all the extra energy it seemed to have.

So, there is no excuse: everyone can find time to exercise.

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